BORIS R. Presents Gulp

credit: Paul Pescador

credit: Paul Pescador

Thursday, July 9, 2015, 7:30 pm

2601-2603 Studios
2601-2603 N. San Fernando Road
Los Angeles, California 90065

(Entrance is on Hallett Ave)

Karen Adelman
Maura Brewer
Danielle Dean
Brian Getnick
David Gilbert
Jules Gimbrone
Ann Hirsch
Paul Pescador

Boris R. presents Gulp, an evening of performance and screenings organized by Paul Pescador. Eight artists will each be given 5 to 7 minutes to present their individual piece back-to-back.

Karen Adelman will sing a few of her most recent “Focus” meditations, which are excerpts from an experimental sci-fi opera/novel in progress about a dispersed resistance in a world suffused with noise.

Maura Brewer will give a short lecture that considers questions of identification, feminism, and agency relative to the actress’s artist’s recent roles in Zero Dark 30 and Interstellar

Danielle Dean will screen a new video, which combines hand drawn animation and shot footage using a Nike sneaker as subject.

Brian Getnick will present a choreographic fragment in the character of the old magician, part of his larger research project on how a character’s affect, movement, and sound can become the score for a dance.

David Gilbert will perform a puppet show, with puppets that are made from old clothes, yarn and construction paper. The show blends poetry and comedy.

Jules Gimbrone will perform “Trio” which will be a sculptural and live performance that discusses sound practice as queer, a broken guitar being tuned, and water being dripped from a wet t-shirt into a pot.

Ann Hirsch will do something weird that will probably make you feel uncomfortable.

Paul Pescador will screen a video and read dialogue regarding dance and intimacy at a grocery store.