Michael Decker and Karl Haendel in Conversation

Navigating New Age Aesthetics in Contemporary Art

Hosted by Michael Shaw

Tuesday 8 PM March 31st

2601-2603 Studios
2601-2603 N San Fernando Rd.
Los Angeles, CA 90065

The Conversation Podcast hosts Michael Decker, Karl Haendel and Michael Shaw in a discussion on how artists represent and reflect the culture around them.

“Why are so many academic/grad school educated artists taking interest in New Age aesthetics? I’m pretty sure it’s a superficial investment…at least I would hope so for the New Age Movement. It would be sad if contemporary art becomes the newest vapid platform for packaging feel good spiritualism…or maybe this is The Age of Aquarius and everyone gets it except me??”

- Michael Decker

Karl Haendel "Surya #2," 2014

Karl Haendel “Surya #2,” 2014